uwahh please don’t follow this blog! i won’t be posting here anymore. c:

i’ve moved to hibiiiya -!

2 months ago
#im really surprised because I suddenly got this giant wave of followers on this blog wwww

To my sweethearts / followers;

I’m moving blogs. yay. c: I’ve moved to hibiiiya.tumblr, and I hope you guys would follow me there instead. c:

This would probably mean that I won’t reblog / post anything else on this blog - to put it simply, this blog will become inactive. Since this is actually a side / secondary blog, it has been giving me quite a few problems and meh - I’ve decided to move. 

Thank you guys for all the support so far. c: /hugs all/

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sometimes people send me such nice messages and it’s like

that is an actual real person who chose to spend 30 seconds of their time trying to make me feel happy and it’s such a wonderful feeling

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"Crying doesn't mean you're weak. It means you have been strong for too long."

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thank you to all the followers who give me that 1 note on my text posts

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i can’t believe it

i’m a knb obsessed shit

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